you have no chill
Anonymous said:  When u mom come home and make hte spagheti


Anonymous said:  DID YOU BLOCK ME

yes I told you I would

" I want to be<br>
by you.<br>
I want you<br>
to think about kissing<br>
as much as I<br>
think about<br>
Alena M. (via 2headedgurl)

Anonymous said:  Camilas crocs are what I live for

some things never change omg

Anonymous said:  Fav ed sheeran song?

this is the hardest question I think I’ve ever been asked

Anonymous said:  What is on camilas feet omg

I believe those are called crocs

Camila and Lauren outside the venue (Houston, TX - 07/26/14)

my eyes are finally dry…

Anonymous said:  say a 5H confession that you normally wouldn't comment on or say on here

what does that mean

whoregui replied to your post:

why r u awake

I had to wake up early is there a problem


Anonymous said:  I sent the lyrics to a friend and she said "queen B rght?"... So that makes four of us sweet anon

I never thought about that but it so does sound like she would sing it

Anonymous said:  is it just me or can you imagine beyonce singing reflection by 5h?

omg yeah totally

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